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Civivi Elementum Rosewood C907C

Civivi Elementum Rosewood C907C
Civivi Elementum Rosewood C907C

Recently we tried restocking the Civivi Elementum C907C. This model features a Rosewood handle and satin D2 blade, pictured on this page.

We noticed we could no longer find this knife on the Civivi restock inventory website. So, we sent an email for further inquiry. We were informed by a member of the Civivi team that they have not yet determined if the Elementum C907C will be discontinued.

Unfortunately, it sounds to us like this model of the Elementum might just be on the chopping block. This is a great looking knife that always sold well. We are surprised this model may be a short timer and eventually be discontinued. We certainly hope there is a change of heart! We would love to see it available again for restock in the very near future!

If you are trying to find this particular model you will likely have to scour the internet to find a new one. We wish you luck!

If we receive any further updates about the Civivi Elementum C907C we will be sure to keep everyone updated. We will post on our website and share the news via our social media outlets to let everyone know of its status.

We do have many other models of the Elementum. Please check them out here.

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