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Civivi Odium – Podcast S20E02

Civivi Odium C2010E
Civivi Odium C2010E

Hello everyone! Ryan from ScoutEDC. Today on the podcast we are going to talk about the Civivi Odium. Here in front of me I have version C2010E and that is the version with black handle and black blade. This looks really nice. I would almost say this was all blacked out — but not quite — because the liners are not black and the pivot is not black. Everything else is. Alright, let’s dig in!

First Impressions

This is a really nice looking knife! I very much like this knife. It looks amazing. The only thing I would say, first impressions, is this is on the small side. I’m not saying that as a negative thing. It’s just a smaller knife. With that said, it’s very nice looking. I like this knife a lot. Small knives serve their purposes! There are times when I’m wearing slacks that I might not want to carry my Spyderco Para Military 2 that’s a little too much knife for dress pants. So, I will tend to lean toward my Civivi Exarch that is a bit more pencil thin. I could also see carrying this, the Civivi Odium. This is a nice knife. Boy, this thing is sharp! First impression I very much like this. The Civivi Odium comes in many different flavors. There is this version the C2010E black blade and black handle. They also have a version with black handle with satin stainless steel looking blade and then they also have different colored handles where they have orange and blue, and I don’t know what other colors, they might have more colors than that.

We currently carry four and they all look very nice. All with G10 handle scales and various colors. These are very impressive nice looking little knives.

I could see, some of us have bug-out bags and things, you might not necessarily want your pocketknife to be super stealthy. In your bug-out bag, it’s an emergency, maybe you want to get the pocketknife that has a bright orange handle on it that way in an emergency situations if you drop your knife you might be able to find that knife a lot easier if you dropped it on the ground or in the woods or what have you in the dark. There are certain situations and circumstances that we all might find ourselves in. For day to day I think having a brightly colored pocketknife isn’t necessarily the way to go. Although, some of us add that flare and add that character. Yeah, this is a nice looking knife.


So, let’s get started on the specs. It’s not a big knife. The overall length is 6.19 inches, the blade length is 2.65 inches, and the handle length is 3.45 inches. In the hand, that is not a very large handle. Infact, I have this knife in my hand right now. I can wrap three of my first fingers, my index finger, middle finger, and ring finger around the handle. My little finger does not wrap around the backside of the handle. However, the way that they have tapered and shaped the butt of this pocket knife, it really just kinda melts into your hand. The fact that it has a good inch of jimping on top back spine of the blade you can really lock up on this knife and get a good grip even though you don’t have all four fingers on the handle. The handle, the back butt of the handle, it contours to the shape of the palm of your hand. At least for me with larger hands this although is a small knife it really works and is really comfortable. I very much like this. Spec-wise this is not a big knife. It weighs in at two and a half ounces, 2.5 ounces.. very light!


So, the Blade on this guy is a black stonewash finish. It’s a plain blade. I don’t think they have a serrated version of the Odium, but I would really like to see one. With the size of this blade and the finger choil and.. you know what I realize now, that — no kidding — I’m learning as i’m going here. You can actually put your first finger, your index finger, on the finger choil of the blade itself, and then your middle finger rest on the finger spot of the handle and you can get all four fingers, a full grip on this knife. No kidding, for this size knife, that is pretty impressive. Now, I will say, that seems a little dicey to me. But, that puts your index finger awfully close to the blade. And, although you can get a real nice solid grip on that I see potential for cutting yourself. It’s just too close for comfort, but in a pinch you can get all four fingers wrapped around this knife and get an extremly good grip. That’s pretty interesting, I don’t know how that didn’t stand out to me prior to making this.


The handle, like I mentioned before, this is the blacked version if you will. Although, technically not because the liners and the pivot are steel in color. The scales are G10 and the texturing looks very nice. I do however notice some variations from Odium to Odium. It seems some have a nicer more textured look and some look a bit more flat and smooth. This would certainly be a production/manufacturing issue. Although the handle does not provide much in the way of texture or added grip slippage, the handle certainly has visual appeal.


So, the pocket clip! I’m always big on talking about pocket clips. I really believe if a pocketknife has a pocket clip it should be a deep carry pocket clip. I don’t understand why anyone wants to clip their knife to their pocket and have the top half-inch or inch hanging out of their pocket. I personally don’t like to advertise the fact that I am carrying a pocketknife. Sure, someone may see that clip on your pocket, it could be a pen, a flashlight, it could be whatever.. anything. If your pocketknife isn’t sticking out of your pocket no one can be certain that you are actually carrying a pocketknife. I like to leave it up to people’s imaginations. I don’t want to carry a pocket knife and put it on display for everyone. This pocketknife has a deep carry pocket clip as do all of the Civivi Odium versions.


This has a thumb hole on it and I am able to open it with the thumb hole. I am able to do that in a controlled fashion open the blade out. I do have larger hands and this is a smaller knife this is a bit difficult for me to do. However, if you had smaller hands this would not be an issue at all, it would be very easy for you to do. With that said, there still is a flipping tab on the back of this pocketknife so I can open this no problem. This has a beautiful action to it; the blade flies open. This is not an assisted opening knife. You can always tell if a knife is assisted. When you are closing the blade you will notice a tension wanting to keep the knife open.


The lockup on this Odium is very rigid. There is no movement at the rear of the blade near the pivot. Once this blade opens the liner lock will securely hold the blade open with no chance of closing.

Fit and Finish

When I close this knife and look at the blade and how it closes, the blade is perfectly centered between the handles. One some pocketknives you might notice that the blade is closer to the inside of one of the handles. Civivi does a very nice job on most of their pocketknives. I think every Civivi pocketknife I’ve come across is very well centered. My over all impression of this knife is very good. It uses solid good looking materials that won’t let you down.

Final Thoughts

The Civivi Odium is not an expensive knife. It’s very budget friendly. This is a great looking, small, yet functional, every day carry pocketknife.

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