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We Knife Banter Review

Hello everyone. Today, we are going to take a look at the We Knife Banter. We have the black version and we also have the blue version as well. First impression, these are very nice knives. The blue version is model 2004A and the black version is model 2004B.

The Banter at first glance

I notice the We Knife Banter tends to be a tad bit small in my hand. However, I do have fairly large hands. Although slightly on the small side for my liking, overall, I still very much like this knife. The Banter is rather understated and plain in terms of design. That however should not over look the fact the We the the We Knife Company created this knife using quality materials. Plain? Yes. Simple? Yes. Performance? Yes. This is a well crafted knife. You will get many years of use from this knife unless you absolutely merciless and beat the hell out of your pocket knives.


The Banter weighs in at 2.86 ounces. The over all length when opened from blade tip to handle butt is 6.5″ inches. The 2.9″ inch blade features high quality spear point CPM-S35VN blade steel and a proper deep carry pocket clip. Both the black and blue Banter models have stone washed blades. One blade is satin and the other black given the colors of the knives. The Banter has a nice middle of the road, happy-medium, textured G-10 handle scales. Its just the right amount of grippiness.

Blade deployment

The deployment on these knives are crisp. The blade opens on caged ceramic ball bearings and flips out effortlessly. I would also say, the Banter has a good fidget factor. If you like flipping your pocket knives open and fiddling with that action there really is a good fidgeting factor to this knife. And, I could see that getting a little better with time. I would like to point out this is not an assisted opening knife. It does however open and close with ease. I don’t like having to fight a blade closed when I’m done using my knife. A lot of times, when you’re using your pocket knife, you’re using it with one hand. To be able to easily close your knife with one hand after finishing a task is a good thing in my book.

The lockup

The lock up on the Banter pocket knife is very rigid. There’s no play. I really like the frame lock on the Banter. I think of jimping as being on the back spine of the knife blade. However, there is a nice larger notched feature that is jimping-like on the Banter’s liner lock. You can really feel where that release is tactically without visually looking for it. This pocket liner does not create a hot spot that might bother you if you were using your knife for a longer task like others I’ve met over the years.

Pocket clip

The pocket clip is on point! I will always point out a knife with a deep carry pocket clip. I absolutely believe that a pocket knife, if it has a clip, it should be a deep carry pocket clip. That’s the way it should be done, period. I don’t like to carry a pocket knife and have the top half inch or inch of my knife hanging out of my pocket. I’ve actually caught my knife on things in the past and had it fall out of my pocket. That certainly is not a good look, not to mention, you can ding, scratch, and damage your trusty pocket knife. Having your knife entirely inside your pocket (hello deep pocket carry clip) is the only and best way to do it in my opinion.

Fit and finish

The fit and finish of this knife is nice. Everything fits together nicely and has good fine tolerances. The blade falls center over top of the standoff between the handles. The edges have been rounded on all the steel and G-10 parts of this knife including the spine of the knife and pocket clip. There are no unexpected sharp edges. It looks good to the eye and is nice and smooth to the touch.


In conclusion, I’d say the We Knife Banter is a great knife. It has premium materials and ultimately is a good bang for the buck. This is a solid knife that can compete with the test of time. You should get a great many years of use out of this pocket knife. Whether opening boxes in the office or putting it to use while camping for those lighter duty jobs, the Banter is rugged enough to get the job done. This is a truly useful everyday carry pocket knife. It can make your day a little easier and really truly stand the test of time. Check it out and give it a shot. Let us know what you think about it.

There it is! That was the We Knife Banter. Thank you for watching. If you liked this video please subscribe and click the bell. We look forward to doing this again in another video, with a different knife. As always take care, and we will see you in the next one.